Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai in trouble...

Looks like there is a queue of people waiting to exploit Mumbai. First it was the local Shiv Sainiks with their defamation bandh, then the global terrorists with their coordinated explosion. Wonder who's next. Probably back to Shiv Sena/BJP for the obligatory bandh.

Ofcourse Mumbai can withstand this. Like it has withstood everything else. Mumbai police is pretty good at finding out what happened.

It is easy to destroy things, any kid will tell you that. Terrorists destroy multiple things at the same time to increase the degree of difficulty and somehow rationalize that as a manly act.

Global terrorists have been able to get some pretty impressive recruits locally. Ofcourse, the power comes from oil money and hateful cultures in the mideast. I remember a Saudi guy in an elevator telling me that their country has "too many" Indians. Such language comes naturally when you are given a steady diet of religious and cultural superiority. The superiority turns into utter humiliation when you see the outside world that is both tolerant and better. These acts are pretty much a way a spoilt child acts.

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