Monday, January 14, 2008

Milk adulteration law announced....

Milk adulteration is a non bailable offence now. This is good new for Mumbaikars who trust their milk carrier to deliver the milk to them honestly. Both the bag and the bottle can be contaminated by injecting out milk and injecting in water. It goes on in a pretty massive scale all over Mumbai. While this law is probably geared towards the "straight from the cow" private vendors, milk carriers from Aarey to you home do an equal amount of fraud.

If you are having your milk delivered, make sure that you buy from someone who carries that milk straight from the depot to your home. If there is a stop at the milk carriers place for "temporary refrigeration", you can be sure that there is some water going in. If you currently have a milk vendor that takes the milk home, change your vendor. The vendor may also be doing an "exchange" before the milk reaches you, to avoid going home, so you have to watch out for that too. Very difficult to monitor the stuff for the morning delivery though. Watch for word of mouth reviews. It is best to use "non-professional" milk carriers. So your morning servant/part time servant would be a good candidate if they are willing to do it.

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rdkokane said...

I am fade up of bloody news about arrest of men adulterating milk and they are freed by evening !!!!! each and every person know the MEN BEHIND THIS ???? No one dares tto tell because of death threatening. TEH PEOPLE INVOLVED IN ADULTERATION OF MILK, OIL AND GRAINS SHOULD BE HANGED TILL DEATH AND ALSO THE MEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN ALSO.............!!!!
CURRUPTED officers are responsible for this . they give the tip to people adulterating the food before the actual raid ???? yes the truth behind this ?? this law should be implimented immediately. OTHER WISE THE DAY WILL COME THAT THE SAME ADULTERATED FOOD WILL BE CONSUMED BY THE CURRUPTED OFFICER'S FAMILY MEMBERS AND ????????????? GOD PLEASE GIVE THEM THE BRAN TO THINK AND ACT.