Thursday, June 26, 2008

The case of Dinshaw Mulla...

When Gandhiji's law licence was revoked many years ago in Mumbai court, some judges signed the petition. Most of them were British and their statues was promptly removed after independence. But one of them was a "Yes Sir" Indian and his statue is still there as is the road that was named after him. Probably it was left there just because the guy was an Indian.

That is probably a less well known aspect of the British rule. There were a lot of Indians out there making sure that the British agenda was being carried out to the letter. A paycheck can achieve a lot of things. The British master has now been replaced by the "unofficial paycheck under the table". So in that sense, private sector Indians are the Indians of past and the public sector are the British master. Ofcourse there are many exceptions to this rule and Thank You if you are one of those exceptions.

Now that the signed document that revoked Gandhiji of his barrister licence is out, I guess the statue is going down and the road will be named after a local politician.

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